Data gathering from multiple sources

This assignment is an annotated bibliography I did for my final anthropology paper for ANP 489 capstone course. Initially I decided to focused on the representation of female in contemporary Chinese literature since at that time I was writing a paper of the same theme in post-independent India. Giving the similar histories each country had in regard to traditions and independence, I thought there might be some correlations exist between each literature’s female representation.

While after some researches in MSU library I found out that the case of Chinese contemporary literature is much more complex. Therefore I forfeited my decision of relying upon Chatterjee’s theory on women and national culture, instead I chose Du’s four modes of feminine identity in contemporary Chinese literature as my main theoretical framework. I would eventually narrow my focus on the writers and their works in late 90s, since it turned out that the style they were using are greatly shaped by the process of globalization and privatization, together with the rise of consumerism and materialism. Then I found the literature analysis of feminine identity in Contemporary China edited by Tam, which turned out to be great database for detailed analysis and some of the representative works, including Mian Mian’s Candy and Wei Hu’s Shanghai Baby. I would choose to analyze Mo Yan’s Big Breasts and Wide Hips in order to see how the feminine identity was portrayed from a male writer’s perspective. Then I would use several literature analysis dealing with these three works, whose analysis for me are pretty in-depth and inspiring for my own analysis.